(File pix) Unwanted pets are left at the Kampung Tiong hawker centre.

DOG owners have allegedly dumped their old and disease-infested pets at the Kampung Tiong hawker centre and the nearby morning market in KualaTeregganu, near its popular Chinatown.

A rough count showed that the number has currently hit more than 10.

Hawkers have put up a signboard urging people not to dump their pets at the hawker centre, to no avail.

Noodle seller Ng Sok Moi said the strays were a nuisance to patrons of the hawker stalls and market.

“They bark at everyone and sometimes, they fight with each other over food scraps,” she said.

Housewife Wong Poh Suan, who frequents the hawker centre for dinner takeaways, said it was a common sight to find the strays waiting for diners to feed them just beside dining tables.

Mohammad Taufiq Husni, a sales executive, said he once stopped by Kampung Tiong to use its public toilet, but quickly left the place when he saw two stray dogs resting near the entrance to the toilet.


Kuala Terengganu City Council public relations officer Laila Arifin said the council conducted checks on stray animals in hawker centres and markets from time to time, adding that the problem in Kampung Tiong was caused by the indiscriminate dumping of pets by owners.

“The problem will never be resolved if dog owners continue to be irresponsible and treat the hawker centre as an animal dumpsite,” she said.

Laila added that council wouldmake another check at the hawker centre and market soon to catch the strays.

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