IT was a hot and sweaty night for residents of Section 7 Shah Alam where electricity supply was knocked out in the wee hours of May 10.

ALINA said she was sleeping when the family was jolted by the blackout.

“At first, we thought it was just our house but when we looked outside, the whole area was completely dark,” she said.

Wanting answers, Alina said she called the Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) customer careline.

“The customer care officer took my report and told me the problem would be fixed soon,” she said, adding that power was restored after two hours.

“It was good that TNB actually took swift action and fixed the problem, but I do hope for a clarification as to why it happened in the first place,” she said.


When contacted, a TNB officer said that the power outage was due to a damaged cable.

“It was definitely unexpected but the outage was due to the damage to the 11KV cable.

 “We followed the standard operating procedure and managed to restore power within three hours as per the SOP,” he said.

“The estimated time of arrival for our employees to the site is 30 minutes after getting approval from the Regional Control Centre.

 “We had to check the 11KV system first before we could carry out repair works,” he said.

He advised residents to call 15454 to report power outages or breakdowns in their area.

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