A hole on the side of a toilet stall in a mall in Kuantan yesterday. PIC BY HIDIR REDUAN

KUANTAN: Public restrooms are a necessity in shopping malls, like the East Coast Mall here.

Recently, patrons were shocked by the sight of damaged bathroom facilities.

Ghazali Alias, 27, a frequent visitor to the mall, was particularly disturbed by the state of disrepair of the public restrooms there, especially the ones for the disabled.

“I noticed the handle bar (for wheelchair-bound users) in a restroom on one of the upper floors was broken.”

Checks by the New Straits Times of a restroom on the ground floor of the mall recently found a hole on the side of one of the stalls.

A later check by NST revealed that someone had stuffed tissue paper into the hole.


When contacted, a mall representative said the damaged facilities may have been the result of vandalism.

“There is a possibility that teenagers came to the restroom and removed the parts (facilities),” he said.

He said the risk increased every weekend, when more youths were around.

He said the mall would ask the contractor in charge of the restrooms to look into the matter.

He said the mall would repair any damaged facilities.

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