Motorists are fuming over potholes in Jalan Hutton, George Town. (PIC BY MIKAIL ONG)

DAMAGE on a 700m stretch of road in Jalan Hutton, George Town, has had motorists fuming in the last few months.

A motorist, Salahudin Ali, 27, said the road was dangerous at night or when it rained.

“I have to drive carefully on the road here.

“If I make a mistake, then my car’s bumper will hit the road as the damage, including potholes, is bad.

“During a downpour, it is nearly impossible to see the road and this leads to traffic jams as vehicles have to slow down,” said Salahudin, who uses the road to get to the city.

Another motorist, who wanted to be known only as Lee, said the roads had been repaired before but the depressions were back.

“The council has to fix these potholes as they are dangerous.”


A Penang Island City Council spokesman said the Engineering Department has been ordered to look into the matter.

“It was found that National Water Services Commission (SPAN) carried out works a few months back and they were supposed to patch up the road after the project was completed.

“We will issue a notice to them to fix the road.”

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