Residents of Hang Tuah Public Flats wants the authorities to provide better facilities.

HANG Tuah Public Flats residents in Kuala Lumpur, who have been living with unhygienic conditions and poorly-maintained public facilities for years, can breathe a sigh of relief.

On Aug 27, 60 residents, together with Rukun Tetangga chairman M. Rajaratnam, held a dialogue with City Hall and a Bukit Bintang Barisan Nasional Wanita MCA about the issues.

Rajaratnam said: “Among the issues brought up are faulty lifts, leaking pipes, poor trash management at higher floors, vehicles entering from the wrong direction due to the lack of signage, lack of parking bays, theft, drug addicts, animals faeces, diseased dogs near the flats, leaking and overflowing water tanks, bugs, un-trimmed trees, unhygienic environment, and the need for restoration and repainting.”

City Hall Mechanical Department assistant engineer Saiful Nizam Azizan and Electrical Department assistant engineer Safwan Samsul Bahari said the issues would be addressed in phases. Saiful said: “They need to write to City Hall and attach pictures of the problems.”

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