Lorries filled with construction debris on a residential road in Taman Sri Gombak. PIC COURTESY OF NST READER

RESIDENTS of Taman Sri Gombak want the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) enforcement officers to take action against lorry drivers using residential roads. 

 The lorry drivers not only cause damage to the roads but also pose a danger to children. 

Nisa Ali, 28, said this problem had been going on since 2015. 

“These lorries will ply the residential roads to get to an illegal landfill nearby,” she said, adding that the lorries would use the residential roads from 7am to 7pm. 

 She said despite complaints filed with the council, the lorry drivers have refused to stop using the route. 

 “They not only pose a danger to motorists, but also to children who play around the neighbourhood in the evening,” she said. 


A Selayang Municipal Council spokesman said it has been conducting operations to stop the lorry drivers from plying the residential roads. 

 “As of this morning, we have detained nine construction lorry drivers caught using the roads,” he said. 

  He added that these lorry drivers had been issued compounds of RM1,000 each. 

   “Most of the time, we will find repeat offenders.

“They will not stop using the route. We will work with other authorities to carry out an integrated operation.”

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