The roof of the Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal in Alor Star leaks when it rains heavily. PIC BY SHARUL HAFIZ ZAM

A LEAKY gutter at Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal in Alor Star is forcing passengers to scramble for cover when it rains heavily.

City resident Fuad Ramli said the authorities should carry out repairs immediately.

Fuad, who had since lodged a complaint with the Alor Star City Council (MBAS), said there were several leakage spots on the roof of the express bus terminal.

“I noticed the leakage when I sent my children to the bus terminal.

“Besides the leakage, the air conditioning system at the bus terminal’s waiting area is also not functioning properly,” he said.


An MBAS spokesman said the council would investigate the complaint.

He said the council needed to establish the level of damage on the terminal’s roof before carrying out repairs.

“The council has set up a Facebook page for people to channel complaints, but it would be helpful if they could provide full details so that we can identify the problem quickly,” said the spokesman.

Those who have complaints on any matter under MBAS’s purview may visit the council’s Facebook page, Aduan MBAS, or contact the council at 04-730 4275.

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