PJS2 residents are concerned that stray dogs might harm their children. PIC COURTESY OF READER

THE increase in the number of stray dogs at the PJS2 residential area in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, is a cause for concern for residents.

A complainant, who wanted to be known as Omar, said the high number of strays caused residents to worry for their safety.

“I am worried for the safety of my children, who like to play outside. They could get bitten.”

He said the dogs slept at a football field at night.

“I’ve seen council officers catch a few dogs, but the number of strays continues to increase.” 


A Petaling Jaya City Council spokesman said the council is aware of the issue after being notified by residents. 

“Council officers from the Health Department have been catching dogs.

“In July, we caught 32 dogs in the PJ area.”

He said eight of the dogs were from PJS2. 

He said council officers conducted dog-catching operations regularly.

He said PJ residents could lodge reports through the council’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/mbpjaduan) or by calling its hotline at 03-79542020.

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