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A CUSTOMER of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) complains that she has been incurring additional charges in her bills despite paying them on time.

The Melawati resident, who wanted to be known only as Yasmin, said she was charged an additional RM0.02 in her bill, reportedly due to a meter-reading error in May. 

She said she went to the TNB Taman Melawati branch to seek clarification. 

She was told the additional charge was due to a meter reading error and that the problem would be rectified.

However, the following month, the outstanding amount was still stated in her bill. 

This time, she proceeded to the TNB Kepong branch to get an explanation.

As Yasmin was explaining her problem, she  claimed that one of the officers was  rude to her and told her to give an official written statement to TNB.

She said although several TNB officers had helped her with her queries, her bills still showed the outstanding balance up to last month.  

“It is now September, but the outstanding amount is still stated in my bill. I have been paying my monthly fee on time. I need to know what the extra charge is for.”

She said she called the TNB Careline, whose personnel told her that there was a technical error in the billing system.

However, the two-cent balance remains unresolved.   Yasmin hoped that TNB could clarify the matter.



A TNB spokesman, who referred to the customer’s case, said it was a technical issue. 

He said there must have been a misunderstanding between the customer and the officer who handled her case.

The outstanding balance occurs when the total is  rounded up to the closest numerical  value  as per the company’s standard operating procedure. 

He noted that the balance was usually absorbed by TNB and would only be stated in the bill once. 

He said the technical issue  had since been rectified. He urged customers to refer to TNB Careline at 15454 if they had any queries regarding their bills. 

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