Crows are drawn to illegally dumped rubbish in their search for food. Crow-shooting seems not to have affected the population of these birds. NST FILE PIC

THE presence of crows at Section 24 in Shah Alam, Selangor is upsetting the residents.

Abdul Rauf Sulaiman, 35, said the crows were a nuisance to the community.

“I just moved here three months ago and was surprised to see such a large population of crows.”

He said the residents, who parked their vehicles outside their porches, had to put up with bird droppings on their vehicles on a daily basis.

“In the evening, the caws of the crows are really loud.

“My neighbours told me that they have been facing this problem for years, despite regular crow-shooting exercises by the local council.

“I hope the local council will find the best way to tackle the crow over-population in the area. Crow-shooting based on public complaints has yet to have the desired effect,” said Abdul Rauf.



Shah Alam City Council said a crow-shooting drive was held recently following complaints from the residents.

Its corporate communication division head, Shahrin Ahmad, said the exercise was held at Section 7, 14, 15 and 24.

“Following complaints from the public regarding the large presence of crows, MBSA conducted an operation recently.

“However, the residents must also play a role by ensuring their residential areas are clean by disposing of their rubbish properly or it will attract more crows.”

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