Repair work on Jalan Raja Abdullah, Section 9 of Shah Alam, has been going on since August, although the area was hit by a landslide in December. PIC BY FAIZ ANUAR

RESIDENTS of Jalan Raja Abdullah, in Section 9 of Shah Alam, Selangor, are upset that damage caused by a landslide has yet to be put right.

A resident named Anis said that it had been more than two months since repair work began.

“A slope at the road first collapsed in December, damaging the fences of several houses around it. The incident occurred again in May.

“Nothing was done at first but in August, the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) started repair work.

“The residents are grateful for MBSA’s action, but the road is now closed,” she said.

Anis said for her to send her daughter to school, she would need to take a detour via the main road, which took longer.

“I hope the authorities will finish repairing the area soon.”

ACTIONLINE: An MBSA spokesman said repair work on the landslide area was expected to end in March.

“The Engineering Department is currently repairing the affected area. We hope the residents will continue to be patient.

“We wish to remind the public, especially road users, to be careful when driving through the area.”

It was reported in March that some of the fences of the houses around the landslide area were without a strong foundation as they were placed on the wall of the drain, which was not built to accommodate the extra load.

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