Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s  Rovers Squad on motorcycles.

CITY folk want the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to act against motorists who stop or park their vehicles by the roadside and in other prohibited areas, such as bus stops, in the city.

Farhan Ahmad Shah, 32, said there was a need for the local authorities to regularly deploy its enforcement officers to monitor the situation in the city to ensure that motorists adhered to the rules and regulations.

“For instance, some motorists parked their vehicles by the roadside despite knowing that their action would create a traffic bottleneck,” he said.

This worsens traffic congestion in the city, especially during peak hours.

“They don’t budge even when honked at by other motorists.

“I am sure the people would be more mindful of the rules and regulation set by the authorities with the presence of more enforcement officers in the city,” added Farhan.

Stella Ng, 35, said there should also be continuous efforts to educate and raise awareness among the people on road etiquette.

“This can be through advertisements, which have some humour.

“Memorable advertisements have been proven to be able to influence the way people think,” she said.


DBKL recently set up a Rovers Squad comprising enforcement officers on motorcycles to ensure the traffic in the city runs smoothly, particularly during peak hours.

KL mayor Tan Sri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz said the special squad was tasked with taking action against motorists who stopped or parked their vehicles by the roadside, and other prohibited areas.

They will first make announcements using loudspeakers, urging the vehicle owners to move.

 “If the vehicles are found unattended or no one comes forward to move the vehicles, the vehicles will be towed,” he said at the launch of the squad last week.

The squad will be deployed in the main roads of Bukit Bintang, Masjid India, Chow Kit, and Brickfields, before expanding to other areas in KL.

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