Shah Alam City Council is planning to replace old signboards such as this parking sign in Jalan Liku, Section 8, Shah Alam. PIC COURTESY OF READER

Unsuspecting motorists risk being issued parking tickets through no fault of their own in Jalan Liku, Section 8, Shah Alam.

They may be unaware that they need to buy coupons when they park their vehicles in the area as the parking sign informing motorists to do so is badly faded.

A resident who identified himself as Amin said visitors, especially first-timers, would not know that the area was a paid parking lot.

“If anyone is issued with a summons by the local council, it will be unfair.

“Motorists who are not familiar with this area will be surprised that they have to pay fines,” he said.

Amin said the local council should ensure that parking signs were legible.

“It is time the authorities replaced the old signboard.”


A Shah Alam City Council spokesman said the council would replace all old signboards soon.

“We will inform the relevant departments to monitor and replace old notice boards, not only at this location, but also other areas.

“This is to avoid confusion and for the information on the signage to be visible to road users,” he said.

He reminded the public to lodge complaints at or call its toll free line at 1800-88-4477.

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