High waves at Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kelantan can be dangerous to picnickers, especially children. PIC BY MOHD SHAFUAN KHAIRI

VISITORS to the popular Pantai Cahaya Bulan (formerly Pantai Cinta Berahi or Beach of Passionate Love), near Kota Baru in Kelantan, were surprised to see many picnickers still frolicking in the sea despite warnings by the local authorities.

Housewife Azila Ibrahim said she went to the beach with her family recently and became worried on seeing so many visitors in the sea despite the high waves.

“There were also children close to the water’s edge.

“Parents must pay more attention to their children, especially the small ones,” said the 28-year-old from Pasir Pekan.


Kelantan police chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan advised the public to adhere to the warning issued by the local authorities against swimming at the beach during this season.

“The huge waves are dangerous, more so to children. Parents must be careful when bringing their children to the beach and, if possible, avoid playing near the water.

“Most of the fatal cases at the beach were due to the people’s excitement of playing in the water. But now is not the time to do so.”

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