Badly damaged equipment poses a risk to children at the playground in Taman Ehsan, Ipoh.

Residents in Taman Ehsan, Ipoh, are appealing for a safer playground in their community park.

They complain that the playground is poorly maintained, and the equipment damaged.

Furthermore, rubbish — from plastic bags and broken bottles to soiled diapers — is strewn all over the field.

A housewife, who wants to be known only as Ng, said the rusty playground equipment posed a risk to children.

“Most of the time, children have to be monitored when they are at the playground to ensure their safety.

“If the children are playing alone, we are worried that they will use the damaged equipment at the playground.

“There are also no swings left for the children to play on as these have all been damaged,” she said.

Another resident, Subaidah Hashim, 40, said the deplorable state of the playground deterred most residents from using the park for recreational purposes.

“My children wanted to use the playground and I can’t let them do this as the equipment is so badly damaged. Besides that, stray dogs also frequent at the area. I hope the authorities concerned will take swift action on the problems.”


Ipoh City Council spokesman said the maintenance and repair of equipment at the playground would be carried out soon.

“Three stray dogs in the area have already been removed.

“The field will be spruced up too.

“Remedial work for minor damage to the equipment, such as new paint and fixing the broken swings, will be done immediately.”

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