Yuna on set.
A classic W116 makes an appearance in the short video.
Yuna with a child actor on set.
The Mercedes GLE45 AMG Coupe. Pix source:
Yuna during the shooting of The Female Bond short film.

IN the hit song ‘Crush’ featuring Usher, Yuna sang about a ‘Jet black Mercedes, built in 70’s classic like you and me’.

More recently, during the International Women’s Day, which just took place early last month, she joined forces with the three-pointed star brand through their initiative called ‘She’s Mercedes’ to give homage towards women across the globe.

She’s Mercedes is the carmaker’s campaign that tells a story of feminine energy and unity. The special campaign envisions a utopian community based on diversity, regal attitude and warm fellowship.

The partnership features a short film entitled ‘The Female Bond’ where Yuna embodies the feminine qualities of beauty, gentleness and compassion.

The short was filmed in the dream-like backdrop of Californian canyons and in Asian locales.

Yuna was joined by three real-life friends from Los Angeles; Stephanie Cleary, Andrea Nakhla and Anjelica Armstrong.

Commenting on her first starring role, Yuna said, “Mercedes approached me with the concept, and I thought that it was something new and very arty, I just had to be a part of it. It wasn’t like anything that I’ve done before.”

The short film is so rich in details. From Yuna’s unique apparel and traditional Malay instruments to the strong symbol sketched by the invisible bond of the four protagonists.

It also beautifully blends different generations of women as well as Mercedes cars. For the latter, The Female Bond short film displays a classic Mercedes W116 sedan in the earlier part before a new 2017 Mercedes C-Class Convertible is shown at the end.

When asked if she is a fan of Mercedes, Yuna said that without a doubt that she is. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter whose image once graced the huge New York Times Square billboard said she loved old Mercedes’, like the one she sang about in ‘Crush’

“That was very random. I really like those classic, old Mercedes models and thought it would be cool to add it to my music,” she said.

Of course, its not the first time a car was part of a lyric of a song. Some entire songs have been written about a particular car.

As for Mercedes in particular, Maren Morris wrote a song entitled ‘80’s Mercedes’ and Jennifer Lopez once had the word ‘Benz’ in her song ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’.

Yuna said she’s never owned a Mercedes and is waiting for the time when she will be ready to own one.

She added that if she happened to buy a Merc one day, she aspired to get a Mercedes-Benz GLE45 AMG Coupe.

Yuna said, “I like big cars, I hate driving alone, normally I’d carpool with friends somewhere so having a lot of space helps.”

At the moment, there’s nothing planned between the singer and Mercedes-Benz, but she’s definitely open to any new ideas with the car manufacturer.

“They’re such awesome people to work with,” she added.

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