The monolock B32 Bold
Participants during the media appreciation ride

GIVI Asia has unveiled its latest medium-sized top case motorcycle storage, the Monolock B32 Bold, which is bucking the trend — the box is square instead of oval.

The B32 was formally introduced to Malaysia at GIVI Asia’s inaugural “Media Appreciation Ride” recently.

Some 40 motoring journalists rode down to Port Dickson with the boxes having been fitted onto their bikes at GIVI Point in Jalan Ipoh. In Port Dickson, the company’s top executives, including GIVI Asia managing director On Hai Swee and GIVI International overseas director Joseph Perucca, were at hand to make the introductions.

The apparent difference of this 32-litre Monolock Top Case is its square and boxy design compared to the previous designs.

“We intentionally chose the square boxy design after some in depth study into current top case user’s trend,” On said.

“We realise now the square box is more popular in comparison to usual oval shapes. This does not mean the oval shape is totally being ignored entirely as they have their own region of fans.”

The B32 Bold will be available in the market from early August, he added.

Similar to many GIVI cases, the B32 Bold uses Polypropylene (PP) material that is highly durable and can withstand Malaysia’s hot and humid weather. The patented Monolock system is designed for top-cases suitable for lower displacements motorcycles and models.

The new technology and innovative “locking mechanism” is said to be hassle free and needs only one click to lock the box. Riders also do not need to have the key attached to the box when closing the case as only a small “click” would do.

GIVI is one of the leading brands in the motorcycle industry in the world and is well-known across the globe for its wide range of high quality motorcycle accessories. GIVI Asia produces more than 40 models of cases for the Malaysian market.

At the same occasion, GIVI Asia also had their huge double-decker bus - “The Red Explorer” - parked at Thistle’s lobby with its external livery painted with large GIVI logo and their worldwide tagline “EXPLORE. ENJOY.” for journalists to take pictures. The bus becomes the meet place and unwind area for special guests which include racing team members. The lower deck is the storage area for all accessories when the bus is in operation.

According to Joseph, “Besides mobile showroom, the prominent red and white GIVI logo gives us tremendous advertising exposure. Thus, we are extremely proud with this investment.”

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