Mark Raine with the new car. Pix by Supian Ahmad

DESPITE the niche market for luxury coupes in the country, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is confident that its latest offering, the E-Class Coupe, will sell well.

“Looking at the pre-orders, there is already a high degree of interest in the coupe,” said Mark Raine, vice-president of sales and marketing for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia in an interview following the launch.

Raine said the C-Class Coupe, which launched last year, had already chalked up solid sales, with 242 units sold last year. With a price tag hovering near RM300,000, this is already an impressive feat for Mercedes-Benz.

The introduction of the latest coupe will add another option for customers in the Dream Car Collection, a collection of the marque’s most exclusive models.

Raine said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia was keen on offering a wide variety of premium cars to its customers.

“We consult our customers and help them decide which model will be perfectly suited for them.

“The C-Class Coupe gives a more direct drive, while the E-Class is more comfortable. The E-Class Coupe can be used as a four seater, which gives it a lot of value. With 12.3 inch displays and Nappa leather, it’s a value proposition,” he said.

Raine said other cars in the Dream Car Collection were chalking up good sales as well.

“The AMG GTS exceeded expectations, especially considering its RM1.2 million price tag, which puts it up against Lamborghinis and Ferraris. There are currently none in stock, as all have been sold,” he added.

The Tristar brand has been flying high in the country, overcoming economic uncertainties and recording strong growth.

It has managed to maintain its position as the leading premium brand during the first half of this year, and is positive of chalking 2017 as a record sale year.

During the first six months of the year, 5,913 units of Mercedes-Benz vehicles were sold in the country. As at May, the company retains a market share of 2.2 per cent in the overall passenger cars segment.

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