The MUV valuation hub in Petaling Jaya.
MUV founder Nicholas Tan (second from left) with marketing head Andrew Koh (left), inspection manager Yosuke Miyata (middle) and head of sourcing Andre Teow (second from right) at the launch event.

MUV Marketplace Sdn Bhd has launched its first MUV Valuation Hub in Jalan Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya, as part of the company’s expansion plan.

“The MUV Valuation Hub serves like a drive-through service for people to get their cars valued for free. All they have to do is drive the car to our hub and we will proceed with the 180-point check. The whole process will take about 30 minutes,” said its founder Nicholas Tan after the launching ceremony.

Tan said it was advisable to make an appointment through the MUV website, but the company also entertained walk-in customers.

“The valuation service is available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday. It is free of charge with no hidden cost involved. Customers will receive the MUV offer price instantly or within 24 hours for cars that are not hot selling upon the valuation process,” said Tan.

He added that the MUV offer price was only valid for five working days.

“If later than the given period, customers are required to get their cars valued again if they want to sell their cars through MUV. A total of 22 cars can be valued per day at the current MUV Valuation Hub,” said Tan.

He added that MUV was focused on becoming the go-to platform for selling and buying of used cars.

“We recognise the needs of our customers and we want to be within their reach. Thus, our hubs will be strategically located in dynamic areas for this purpose.

“The company targets to launch four more valuation hubs by the end of this year. Two of them will be located in the Klang Valley. The remaining two will be based in Penang and Johor Baru,” he said.

In addition to the expansion, Tan explained how the MUV’s in-house engineered mobile apps play an important role in contributing to the company’s plan for continued growth and brand expansion.

“They area uniquely suited for the development of MUV’s big data for dynamic pricing in the secondary market. The company aptly named the apps MUV Buyer App, MUV Seller App as well as two other apps for internal use called the MUV Inspection App and MUV valuation app,” he said.

Tan said currently the valuation was free, but if customers decided to sell their cars through the app, there would a charge of RM800 after the car was sold. The charges are for the service fee, which includes the documentation, administration, car wash, insurance and a few more services.

All MUV apps are available for download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For more information, customers can visit MUV’s new website at

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