KUALA LUMPUR: Panasonic Group of Companies in Malaysia has awarded three scholarships to university students from different universities in Malaysia.

These scholarships, part of Panasonic’s efforts to contribute to the society intellectually and academically, were presented to the students to pursue their Bachelor’s Degrees in local national universities.

The students who received these scholarships include Ernest Yoong Gar Hon, majoring in Mechanical Engineering from University of Malaya; Nur Farizatul Syazrin Talaha, majoring in Mechanical Engineering from University Technology Malaysia; and Shum Kar Yen majoring in Electronics Engineering from University Science Malaysia.

“In line with our founder’s philosophy, Panasonic place an important focus on activities aimed at ending the many forms of poverty and inequality that exist even now in developed and emerging countries.

“Through the promotion of various activities that emphasises on human development, opportunities offer and mutual understanding, we are working every day towards an 'Inclusive society' where anyone can enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling education.

“This Panasonic Scholarship is one aspect of our efforts to nurture excellent Human Development by supporting all of you who say ‘I want to study’.

It was created with the aim of cultivating an advanced human resource system to support the development of Malaysia,” said Groupwide Brand Communications Division, Panasonic Corp general manager Rika Fukuda.

The Panasonic Scholarship Program was established in 1998 as a way for the company to contribute to society as part of its corporate social responsibility activities.

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