There is always something interesting that you can shoot on the new MRT photo ride

PHOTOGRAPHY does not have to be limited to the usual genres such as landscape, portrait, macro, etc. New photo interests can always be explored.

The newly-opened Phase 2 of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line, for example, offers plenty of photo opportunities.

I had the opportunity to explore some of the stations with my friends two months ago.

Initially, I had no clue on what to expect of this new transportation line as I did not really follow the development phase of the project. But as I stepped into the stations and took the ride, I was surprised to see the wonders there.

In this article, I would like to share some of the images I managed to take during off-peak times with fewer commuters around. I hope this will give you some idea on what to shoot when you take an MRT ride in the future.


The station exit point is another great angle for photos. I found this interesting angle as I was about to exit one of the stations. To get this effect, I placed my camera between the escalators and overexposing the exit/entrance. The dimmer surrounding with bright exit/entrance made it easier to get the intended result.


Next to the 14-point star is the long decorative wall of the Rukun Negara. I took this image using my fisheye lens for a unique appeal. I used the line of the wall at the centre as a guide to place my camera to make sure the image is balanced.


Many love to take photos inside the underground tunnel. However, for a change, try getting one outside instead. Look for the sound barrier structures and you can see the difference and the effects it can offer here. You need a Neutral Density (ND) Filter to do the job as it is almost impossible to do a slow shutter, especially outdoors. An additional polariser filter will help to reduce reflection of the window. Use a mini tripod to keep the camera stable for a slow shutter speed like this at 0.8 second. Otherwise, just place your camera near the window frame. For a better view, go to the windscreen at the front.


There are many spots where you can take this kind of image. I chose the symbolic 14-point star of the Malaysian flag at the Merdeka Station. I managed to take this image by placing my camera at a low angle at the centre of the station, near the stairs. I tilted up the lens a bit to the ceiling to get this view.


I took this photo by shooting straight up to the ceiling at the Tun Razak Exchange Station. Designed with Islamic corporate theme, it features unique artwork. Try using a standard lens, such as the 50mm for a less distorted image.

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