A little precaution is never a bad thing. From GPS-enabled devices to alarms, here are eight tech tools to keep you safe.


Do you love to shop online but worry about your personal details falling into the wrong hands when the items purchased are delivered to your house or office? This Guard Your ID rollers use specially formulated oil-based ink to completely cover confidential information in a single stroke before paper can be safely recycled. Price: US$9.69 (about RM41) at Amazon.com


If you’re concerned about your important data stored in thumb drives, the Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Key brings security to your fingertips. This easy-to-use USB flash drive is resistant to moisture, dust and grit. It incorporates PIN access before connecting to your computer, tablet or mobile device. In addition, it further protects your data with a “Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism”, which deletes the encryption key if the incorrect PIN is entered 10 consecutive times. Price: US$59.99 at Amazon.com


Zerohour Apex is a tactical pen designed with indestructible material that features a waterproof ink cartridge and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip. The tungsten steel tip can be used to break glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly, or for self-defence and metal scoring that’s safely tucked away inside its own separate cap. Price: US$79 at Amazon.com


Traditional personal safety device that sounds like car alarms and whistles are routinely ignored. This Ila Dusk personal alarm emits an extremely loud and ear-piercing female scream when it’s activated to surprise and throw an attacker off-guard. It is small and easily attached to a key ring, your handbag, backpack or belt loop. Price: US$32.95 at Amazon.com


The Guard Dog Security door stop alarm provides on-the-go safety when travelling, at home or at work. No installation or cumbersome wires required, this door stop alarm simply slides underneath any door and sounds a blistering 128 decibel alarm if activated. The door alarm is not only practical, it’s affordable, easy to use and can be carried anywhere, giving you peace of mind. Price: US$9.99 at Amazon.com


Making a phone call when you need help is harder than you think. Just let Wearsafe make the call for you. Pressing the Wearsafe Tag sends the people you trust the information they need to get you the right help, right away. The Wearsafe App provides them with your audio, location and starts a live chat so they can coordinate a response or call the police. The tag also gives silent vibration to user notifying them that responders have received the alert. Price: From US$5 at Wearsafe.com


The Secure Walking Cane with LED flashlight is the perfect walking aid for those wanting extra safety and security. The bright LED flashlight is fully adjustable and provides excellent visibility at night or in low light conditions. There is also a push button panic alarm at the side. The cane also features a flashing red light that can be used to warn others of your presence while walking along roadways or crossing the street. Price: US$19.99 at Amazon.com


With bSafe, you automatically send information about who you are, where you are (via GPS) and what’s happening (video plus audio) with time stamps. A video is recorded when the alarm is activated and is automatically sent to your loved ones. They can also see you live via the app and know once you have reached home safely. Free download via Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

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