Adi Putera uploaded a screenshot of a personal message from his second ex-wife onto his Instagram account recently. PIC BY NUR ADIBAH AHMAD IZAM

IN the heat of his split from his two wives, Aida Yusof and Norshahida Dzolkifly, actor Adi Putera has once again shone a spotlight on himself by uploading a screenshot of a personal message from his second ex-wife, Norshahida, onto his Instagram account.

The message wrote: “Thank you for making my mum cry and for showing your true colours.

“I prayed for you to change, but you never will. A liar will always lie. How would you feel if someone you loved backstabbed you?

“Thank you, Mohamed Hadi Putera. I don’t owe you anything, but you do. Mark my words. I was in love with you, now it’s only hatred.”

A caption accompanying the post read: “Many have been asking me about my debts, maybe (Norshahida) can list it down”, before tagging her in the post.  

The Singaporean actor, 36, whose real name is Mohamed Hadi Putera, is not one to shy away from venting out his polygamous marriage matters on social media. 

Perhaps he was trying to prove his innocence by sharing the screenshot, but fans and Netizens have voiced out their opinions and taken sides on the matter.

Follower @wardagetis said: “You should not post this on a public platform. No need to inform the whole world what is happening. Settle it on your own. Please be mature, you are a public figure.”

@cikxai said: “Find the root of the problem and fix it. That is all. There is no use in posting a screenshot.”

Meanwhile, fans on “Team Adi” advised him to be patient and ignore Norshahida. 

Norshahida, on the other hand, has not uploaded anything in response to the actor’s post.

Adi made headlines last year when he tied the knot with Norshahida on June 20. She was his business partner.

His first wife, Aida, was unaware of it.

Late last year, his second marriage was said to be on the rocks, but Norshahida denied the rumour, claiming they were happily married.

Last month, the actor announced his decision to part ways with both wives.

Earlier that month, he had filed for a divorce from Aida, whom he married in 2006.

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