The Swarovski Remix Collection has magnetic closures on each end, so the strand can be linked to other pieces from the collection.
The Swarovski Remix Collection has magnetic closures on each end, so the strand can be linked to other pieces from the collection.
The Swarovski Remix Collection has magnetic closures on each end, so the strand can be linked to other pieces from the collection.
The Swarovski Remix Collection has magnetic closures on each end, so the strand can be linked to other pieces from the collection.

Shine bright like a diamond, goes the song. But Swarovski crystals aren’t diamonds and it’s better for it, writes Aznim Ruhana Md Yusup.

CUSTOMISING our personal items is an expression of individuality. There is great appeal in owning something that no one else has because it shows that we are not like anyone else. Our style is unique and we are proud and confident to show it to the world.

Lately a lot of companies seem keen to let consumers have the final say on how they style their purchased goods.

So you find handbags with changeable accessories and outfits that can be worn multiple ways.

After all, what appeals to the consumer will prove fruitful to the company’s bottom line.

For jewellery and accessories brand Swarovski, consumer personalisation comes through its new Remix Collection.

It’s part of the company’s Fall/Winter 2017 range called Urban Fantasy. Each Remix piece is essentially a bracelet. But each strand comes with what Swarovski calls a “game-changing” magnetic closure at both ends.

So you can wear the piece as a bracelet, or you can link it with other bracelets from the collection to make chokers, headbands and necklaces.

Long enough it can become a multi-strand accessory, as styled on Swarovski ambassador Karlie Kloss in the brand’s campaign photos.

To celebrate the launch of Urban Fantasy, Swarovski held a party at the W Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, themed Brilliance for All. It was attended by a host of Thai celebs as well as Malaysia’s Friends of Swarovski Neelofa and Venice Min.

Karlie Kloss wear the Remix pieces as a multi-strand accessory

Daniel Swarovski, who co-founded the company in 1895, famously said, “diamonds are for royalty. I wanted to create a diamond for every woman.”

Swarovski’s diamonds – or rather, crystals – are made in Wattens, Austria from quartzes, sand and mineral.

The exact recipe and proportion of each ingredient is a company secret that was originally passed down from Daniel to his three sons.

Meanwhile, creative director Nathalie Colin took the founder’s principle to design Urban Fantasy with easy, wearable pieces for the everyday woman.

Some are playful, such as the emoji necklaces. Other designs are more modern, such as the triangular earrings and necklace with a chevron pendant. Classic pearl and gemstone designs are also featured in the collection.

From the Press release, Colin says: “I was inspired by the journey of a modern woman through dazzling cities from morning until night. Jewels reflect an urban creative energy and rich diversity with serene, fun or festive inspirations.”

Meanwhile, the Remix Collection comes in four different themes. Romantic Emotions features meaningful motifs such as a lucky four leaf clover and the Hamsa hand.

The Timeless Pearls theme takes Swarovski’s Crystal Pearls in white and light grey, interspersed with sparkling crystal spheres.

Rock Chic includes crystal-embellished spikes and spheres, and rose gold chains paired with black crystals for an edgy finish.

And Crystal Glamour is all about night-time sophistication, with gold strands mixed with bezel-set crystals and crystal pavé spheres.

Each Remix strand is priced at RM399, and will be available in Swarovski boutiques from Aug 2.

Friends of Swarovski Venice Min (left) and Neelofa at the Brilliance for All party in Bangkok.

NEELOFA is an actress and entrepreneur who founded the popular tudung label, Naelofar.

Meanwhile, Venice Min is a digital influencer with a penchant for fast cars.

They’re both Friends of Swarovski and neither could keep a plant alive. Read on and find out.

When did you first hear about Swarovski, and what was the product?
Neelofa: I first heard about Swarovski when I was in Standard Three because my mum used to patch the Swarovski stones on her shawls. She always brought back packets of the beautiful stones from Dubai.

Venice Min: I knew about the brand when I was in high school, so probably six years ago? I had received my first ever birthday present from a friend – a necklace from Swarovski.

What is your favourite way to style the new Remix collection?
N: Mixing the pearls with the first edition of the Remix collection. Classy and fun at the same time.

VM: I think the new Remix collection is very unique. It has a mix of funky and playful yet elegant. And my favourite way to style it is by matching it with my casual outfits. Adding accessories really enhance my look.

What is your morning routine like?
N: Well, first I have to get up, so I put on some music to get me going before picking out what to wear for the day. Then into the bathroom to get ready, and then I’m all set to be out and about.

VM: I drink water as soon as I wake up. Then I get in touch with my loved ones – this is an important part of my day to make myself happy – and make really good breakfast like eggs, berries & muesli before I start working or meeting with my team.

How do you get ready for a night out?
N: Pick a nice outfit first so I can decide what make-up I should wear. Then do my make-up and put on my high heels (the higher, the better) and on to some fun time!

VM: I like to look elegant and glamorous for a night out. So wavy hair or have it sleek in an up-do and paired with glam earrings and a cocktail dress.

Selfie time with Venice (left) and Neelofa.

What is your favourite way to exercise?
N: Pilates.

VM: I like to work out at the gym or walk at a park by myself. It doesn't only help me to stay physically fit but mentally too. It's like some “me” time, which helps to calm my mind.

What do you remember most from your childhood?
N: I have this scar on my forehead that I got when I was six-years-old. I was so active and loved being outdoors. The scar was from when I fell down and hit my head on the edge of a table.

VM: Having a family dinner every weekend. I really love these moments, and I appreciate it even more now when I get to spend time with my family because I don't see them very often due to my hectic schedule.

What music are you listening to right now?
N: Selena Gomez – Bad Liar, Rihanna – Selfish.

VM: I'm in the car on my way to Penang from Kuala Lumpur to attend a roadshow and I’m now listening to Collide by Howie Day.

What was the last movie that you saw and did you like it?
N: The new Spiderman: Homecoming. It was fantastic and I loved it!

VM: War for the Planet of the Apes. It's quite touching with a lot of emotions and humanistic values. But I personally prefer watching Korean dramas and comedies.

What games do you play on your phone?
N: I don’t play any games. I know, boring.

VM: I don't play games and my phone content is mostly work contacts or Google spreadsheets which are related to work.

Do you have a green thumb or do plants tend to die in your care?
N: No green thumb, plants die on me.

VM: I don't have a green thumb for sure.

Are you a klutz or a graceful swan?
N: Well, somewhere in between. Not so clumsy, not so graceful.

VM: None of the above. I think I'm more like a racing horse. I like to get things done fast, efficiently and perfectly. I may look like a swan but I’m not at heart!

Is there something that you are very good at but not many people know about?
N: Gymnastics, I used to take classes when I was young. I even aspire to represent the country but that ship has sailed.

VM: Perhaps my cooking? Or being a business woman behind the camera? I'm actually running a team of five at my creative agency.

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