(File pix) Actress Nora Danish (pix) will take legal action against fellow actress Fasha Sandha, whom she claims has made a defamatory statement against her via social media last Thursday. Pix by Aziah Azmee

POPULAR actress Nora Danish will take legal action against fellow actress Fasha Sandha, whom she claims has made a defamatory statement against her via social media last Thursday.

“In the past, I would remain silent. But following the latest incident, I believe it’s time I proceed with legal action.

“I am doing this to protect my family ’s dignity and reputation.

“What makes it more damaging is that my family business is affected following the allegations,” she said.

The controversy involving the two actresses flared last week when Fasha, 33, posted a long caption on her Instagram account, venting her frustration at a situation where a fellow celebrity had wanted her out from Fenomena Aidilfitri, a fashion event held in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday.

Nora’s fashion label Owl by Nora Danish was also featured at the event. Although Fasha did not mention Nora’s name, she did, however, include the words burung hantu (owl), which Netizens could easily deduce the individual she was referring to.

The 35-year-old artiste, who recently wed businessman Nedim Nazri, son of Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, said she was unaware of Fasha’s posting until the following day when she received messages on her handphone.

“I had people asking me what really happened that had made Fasha so upset, making her hurl such accusations.

“The actress (Fasha) wrote that I didn’t want her there, an event at which I was merely a participant,” explained Nora at a press conference after her label’s fashion show at Gaya Raya KL Fashion Week 2017 at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, last Friday.

Present to clear the air was Amiruddin Rizuan Ali, director of Glass Go Media, the organisers of Fenomena Aidilfitri.

“Due to my confusion, upon realising Fasha’s presence at the event (and knowing the history

between the two actresses), I had wrongly made a request that Fasha excuse herself from the event .

“I did that based on my own flawed judgement, and not because Nora had requested me to do so,” he said while admitting repeatedly that only he himself should be blamed over the incident.

He also said Nora did not make any statement on threatening to withdraw from the show if Fasha were to attend the event.

Amiruddin also apologised to both sides for having caused the misunderstanding.

“I plan to meet Fasha to personally apologise to her.”

Nora said that she did not blame Glass Go Media for the incident, adding that the organisers were just taking precautions to ensure a smooth event.

While Nora bears no ill will against Amiruddin or Glass Go Media, she said, however, that she would go all out to clear her name and reputation.

Besides Fasha, Nora is also suing an entertainment blogger whom she said had taken sides without really knowing what had actually taken place; and posted it on his Facebook account, spelling out both the actresses’ names.

Fasha, who is on hoilday with her family in Australia, questioned why Nora was suing her and not the organiser.

Captioning one of her photos with her children on her Instagram account, Fasha wrote: “....why sue me? Why aren’t you suing the organiser of your fashion show who was responsible in relaying the message that I should not be there and that you would withdraw if I attended the show? Don’t forget I have many witnesses that evening...”

In the posting, Fasha wrote that she too has an action plan, but it would only be revealed once she is back from vacation .

The posting also had a hashtag which suggested that she is not afraid of Nora’s legal threat.

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