Actress Izara Aishah says she takes full responsibility over her choice of attire and has issued a public apology over the matter.

POPULAR actress Izara Aishah went from feeling extra breezy to hot and fiery after finding herself in a heated controversy following a video of her in an ultra-sexy outfit, which went viral on social media recently.

In the four-second video, it appeared that the 24-year-old
J Revolusi
actress was walking down the red carpet to greet some guests upon arriving at a fashion event.

She was sporting a provocative white dress, which exposed her side breast.

Izara received backlash from her fans, which led her to post a public apology on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

She posted a photo of a long text that detailed the apology.

“Hi all, I want to apologise to
my family, fans and to everyone that was offended with a video
of me attending a fashion

“The video is old and not from the recent awards show Anugerah Bintang Popular (Berita Harian).”

According to Izara, the video was initially spread via WhatsApp group chats last Saturday before it went viral on social media.

She wrote that the video surfaced after she and her longtime beau, Adib Khalid, who is also chief executive officer of Tunes Studio, confirmed their plans to wed some time this year. 

“Though I’m ashamed and saddened that someone had shared such a video of me in my moment of weakness, I take full responsibility for my carelessness and seek forgiveness from those who I have offended.

“I also view this as a test from God and a lesson learned.

“I have a responsibility to my fans and will set a better example moving forward. Thank you all,” she wrote.

As at press time, the posting on her Instagram garnered more than 12,000 likes.

She also disabled Instagram comments for the posting.

This is the second time Izara has come under fire for wearing a sexy outfit.  

Last year, she was criticised
for her choice of outfit when
attending the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in Pavilion where
she wore a body-hugging dress nude-coloured, layered with blue lace.

She made a public apology for that incident, on her Facebook account.

In her Instagram caption which accompanied the image of her recent public apology message, she said: “Prior to this, I have apologised for wearing something revealing.

“Ever since then, I have not repeated my mistakes.

“The fashion event in that video happened before I apologised publicly and since then, I have changed for the better.

Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), Allah has given me the
privilege to be someone’s wife soon.

“But ever since I made my wedding announcement, the old video has been spread around.

“I have forgiven those responsible for shaming me.

“I realise my mistakes and take full responsibility for it.

“Once again, I’d like to apologise for everything.”

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