Singer and actress Elizabeth Tan hopes that by sharing her experience of depression she can help those facing similar circumstances. PIC BY HALIMATON SAADIAH SULAIMAN

SHE was in a serious relationship with a certain someone beginning late last year. However, last April saw the end of the short-lived romance, sending her reeling into depression.

Singer and actress Elizabeth Tan said she was a wreck.

“I was so devastated that there were times when I questioned whether life was worth carrying on. At the time, suicidal thoughts crossed my mind,” said the 23-year-old Knock Knock singer, who received help from her loved ones, including her mother.

Tan admitted that she was blinded by love.

While in that unhealthy relationship, she said she had turned her back on her parents.

But when things fell apart, it was her mother, whom she knew she could count on.

“My mum was more than amazing. Without even seeking my apology, she came to the rescue. She managed to talk some sense into me.

“Taking two weeks off from work, she pulled me out from the dark place I was in and made sure I got back on my feet,” she said.

Apart from the break-up, Tan was dealing with other personal issues, all of which were affecting her state of mind. But, it was the break-up news that broke the camel’s back.

“With all these issues combined, I suffered a breakdown,” said Tan who was suddenly overcome by emotion.

Apologising for getting all emotional, she said: “I’ve never cried in public. But I’ve realised that it’s okay to do so. I’m no longer afraid to show my true feelings.”

Recounting what seemed to be the darkest episode in her life, she remembered how she was not her jovial self.

“I was unrecognisable.

“I needed some kind of divine intervention.

“That was when I reconnected myself with God,” said Tan, whose parents are pastors.

“Having gone through all this, I know that I’m much stronger now in faith and emotion, than I ever was,” said Tan who is not one to regret the past.

However, she said, she was never going to return to being in that sorry state.

“I hope by sharing my story, I’d be able to help those facing similar circumstances, and also the fact that it is okay to seek help.”

Tan, who shared this at the launch of her latest single, Darling, at Warner Music Malaysia in Petaling Jaya, recently, said she drew a bit from her experience when she penned its lyrics.

The single is also the original soundtrack for the television drama series My Darling Inspektor Daniel, starring Aaron Aziz, Siti Elizad and Erra Fazira.

“But for the most part, I basically wrote the lyrics and composed the single based on Maya, the character I played in the series,” said Tan, who only took about 30 minutes during an Uber ride to come up with the song.

While she penned the lyrics in a mixture of English and Malay, it was singer-songwriter Bo Amir Iqram, who helped to polish the lyrics.

Darling is Tan’s fourth single to date.

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