Shaheizy Sam says that his tax agent is now dealing with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) for clarification on the issue. NSTP pic.

KUALA LUMPUR: A photo of a bankruptcy notice in a newspaper bearing the name of top actor Shaheizy Sam has gone viral on social media.

The notice, apparently issued by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), declares the popular celebrity bankrupt.

In response to media queries on the photo, Shaheizy said he is in the dark as to why, if true, the IRB would resort to such a move.

He said that his tax agent is now dealing with the IRB for clarification on the issue.

“I have not received any formal notice from IRB on the matter, (so) I have to wait for IRB’s explanation before I can comment (further),” Shaheizy told BH Online yesterday.

"However, about two or three weeks ago, representatives from the IRB came to my home to meet me, but they did not inform me about the bankruptcy notice," he added.

Netizens have begun speculating on the Interchange star’s financial status since the photo went viral, with most saying that they hope the issue would be resolved soon.

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