Former Elite singers Hana (left) and Watie.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Elite singer Hana, or Norhanasafiza Mat Adnan, 39, laments that being declared a bankrupt four years ago “separated” her from her children who live in London, the United Kingdom.

She has blamed her predicament on former bandmate Watie, or Norwati Sadali, who failed to pay damages in an ongoing lawsuit involving them.

According to a recent news report, Hana was quoted as saying she could not meet her children Aaron Danial Mann, 16, and Alayna Daniella Mann, 15, from her marriage to Adam Abdullah from 2000 to 2007.

“Getting declared a bankrupt has added a lot of problems to my life. Worst of all as a mother, I’m unable to meet my children, all this because of another person’s mistakes!”

Two years ago, model Hana sued actress Watie for non-payment of RM707,351.83 in damages at the Selayang Sessions Court, and the court ordered Watie to do so.

After Watie failed to make the payment, Hana filed a judgment debtor summons against Watie on May 18. However, Watie claimed she did not receive any letter informing her of the proceeding.

Watie also asked for a reduction as well as to pay it in instalments. The court has set Oct 11 as the date of hearing the summons.

Hana sued Watie after she failed to settle a bank loan, which used her (Hana) name for the purchase of a Toyota Wish.

In her statement of claim, Hana stated she had obtained a loan of RM150,000 for the purchase of the car in September 2005 on behalf of Wati, as her bandmate was not eligible to apply for it.

However, she claimed that after getting the car, Watie failed to repay the loan, and as a result, she was declared a bankrupt on April 1, 2013.

The original claim was RM300,000 but this amount increased to include two years’ interest as a result of non-payment by Watie.

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