Nabil Ahmad hits out at fellow artistes who do not support one another, adding that the spirit of solidarity is clearly lacking in the entertainment scene . File pic by ZUNNUR AL SHAFIQ.

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular comedian and host Nabil Ahmad expressed regret to see artistes who do not support one another.

He lamented that some artistes even failed to show up at awards ceremonies despite their films or songs being nominated, and there should not be any excuse for them to stay away unless they were really busy with filming or recording.

"It's most unfortunate that some of us don't give enough support to one another, and the low number of attendance at awards shows is a sign of this," said Nabil in a recent newspaper report.

The 33-year-old admitted that at times, he even got fed up of hosting events involving artistes, and would rather emcee for schools, colleges, universities or corporations.

"At least, students and teachers give support to one another. I think the spirit of solidarity is clearly lacking in the entertainment scene, and some of us think we are so good, better than the rest, and choose to stay away!"

The co-host of Astro’s popular entertainment talk show Meletop also said that some even refused to cheer on those nominated for awards and won.

"Imagine if you are nominated for an award and you come on stage - how would you feel if your fellow artistes don't clap for you? This makes me feel bad calling myself a celebrity.”

Nabil admitted that his statement might be criticised by fellow artistes and their supporters, but he insisted that he was merely stating the obvious.

"This is based on my personal experience hosting various shows, launches and press conferences," said Nabil who hosted the red carpet event at the 89th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, the US last February.

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