(File pix) Emma Maembong at the launch of her hijab collection called My Sketchbook Shawl by Emma Maembong at Quality Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently. Pix by Aziah Azmee

KUALA LUMPUR: Emma Maembong is a name we recognise as a popular actress, but did you know that she is also a talented painter?

It seems Emma has inherited the love for art from her father, a well-known artist Ismail Maembong.

“Actually, I’ve been painting since I was young and some of my artwork has also been purchased by a few prominent individuals,” said the 25-year-old artiste in a recent news report.

Wanting to channel her art into something else other than canvases and sketch books, Emma decided to release a hijab collection called My Sketchbook Shawl by Emma Maembong in which she hand paints each design.

“I’ve been keeping my artwork to myself for so long, and I figured I’d share my creations with my fans. That’s how the idea to release my hijab collection came about.

Emma said that her busy schedule as an artiste doesn’t deter her from pursuing art besides acting.

“I bring my sketch book with me everywhere, even on the filming set. I would automatically start drawing during my free time,” she said.

Emma said that her hijab collection is priced between RM55 and RM99.

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