Nad Zainal says parents have to know what’s best for their children and take a stand. (PIC BY AZIAH AZMEE)

LIKE all mothers, Nad Zainal only wants the best for her year-old bundle of joy, Fahad Ibrahim.

And one of the actress’ ways to ensure his positive growth is to ensure he does not get his hands on any electronic gadgets at such a young age.

“I know some parents use electronic devices to keep their kids busy, but that’s not how my husband (Muhammad Faliq Amirudin) and I bring Yem (what Nad fondly call her son) up,” she told the New Straits Times recently.

“Child development experts say that exposing young kids to smartphones and tablets has been known to have adverse effects on their health and brain development.

“So, I’m not risking it with Yem.”

She said her son was allowed to play only with soft toys .

“When we’re having our meals, Faliq and I take turns to keep Yem entertained,” said Nad, 27, adding that there was no reason to resort to devices.

“Even when we’re at home, Yem is not interested in watching television because we’ve never exposed him to it much.

“Sometimes, he will only sit in front of the TV for 15 minutes, and then turns his focus to his toys.

Nad said they did introduce gadgets to Fahad, but only briefly.

“The ban on gadgets isn’t forever.

“We will only allow Yem to fully handle this technology on his own once he enters preschool.

“And even then, it will still be under our supervision.”

Nad’s advice to other parents is to not blindly give in to their children’s demands.

“You have to know what’s best for them and take a stand.”

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