(File pix) This photo combination shows Malaysian D’Academy Asia Season 3 constestant Baby Shima (left) and Malaysian singer Mas Idayu (right). Pix from Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip featuring Malaysian singer Mas Idayu giving a contestant of Indonesian reality TV singing competition D’Academy Asia Season 3 a severe shelling has recently gone viral on the social media platform.

In the particular clip, during the comment session by the jury panel after a contestant’s performance, Malaysian contestant Baby Shima was inundated with stinging comments to the point of scolding that Netizens found overtly excessive.

Baby Shima was said to have given a dismal performance that was very disappointing to a clearly irate Mas Idayu, who was on the jury panel.

“What did you do tonight? From what I heard, your pitching went straight to hell,” declared Mas Idayu aggressively in the video clip.

But it didn’t end there as her further comments, that were deemed extremely emotional and hurtful by Netizens, only served to subsequently make Shima breakdown in tears.

Mas Idayu was said to have looked “possessed” since she couldn’t control herself from focusing her rant-filled rage and frustration on this poor contestant.

Although Baby Shima didn’t deliver a sterling performance, Netizens felt that Mas Idayu’s overbearing conduct was excessive and embarrassing to Malaysians.

Some even wrote that Mas Idayu’s singing wasn’t even that great when compared to the likes of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and many others.

One wrote: “Not professional at all as a jury member, screaming at a contestant like that. Look at yourself in the mirror first Mas Idayu.”

“She herself has pitching problems when singing but scolds others, making another person feel so ashamed,” wrote another.

One even compared her to fellow D’Academy Asia jury member, Indonesian singing legend Hetty Koes Endang, who dishes out nurturing and constructive advice.

Others had also instructed Mas Idayu to participate in the next edition of the star-studded singing competition Gegar Vaganza in Malaysia.

That said, Baby Shima, via her Instagram account, had issued an apology to Mas Idayu for disappointing her and for failing to deliver a great performance.

She wrote: “I know that Mumy (Mas Idayu) loves me and that’s why she scolded me for my own good. She wants me to be the best. Because of me, Mumy has been derided.”

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