Fattah Amin (right) says he is blessed to have Fazura as his wife. File pic by NURUL SYAZANA ROSE RAZMAN.

KUALA LUMPUR: Having had huge success in his career and marrying the love of his life actress Nur Fazura last year, popular actor Fattah Amin counts himself an extremely lucky man.

Brimming with happiness (as seen in his photos on Instagram as of late), the 27-year-old spared some time to write a heartfelt message dedicated to his wife, family and fans, in conjunction with the New Year.

In his latest post on Instagram, he wrote: “So many great things happened in 2017 to the point where I have no words to describe how lucky I am!

“What makes me the happiest is knowing Allah blessed me with a wonderful soulmate @missfazura. We are not perfect, but our love for each other makes up for our imperfections.

“I’m lucky to be married to a woman who is graceful and easy-going, beautiful but brave, and soft-spoken yet smart.”

“In these first few days I hope we will all be blessed with an abundance of rezeki, happiness in the world and hereafter and strength to work harder this year,” said Fattah who is currently on his honeymoon with Fazura in Europe.

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