Popular Indonesian rock band Radja. (Pix of social media)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular Indonesian rock band Radja has postponed its May 5 concert at StarXpo Centre, KWC Fashion Mall here due to the upcoming general elections (GE14) that will see Malaysians going to the polls on May 9.

The anticipated concert will now happen on July 14 instead but the group is confident that this will not dampen the spirit of its eager fans.

Radja’s vocalist, Ian Kasela, explained that it was a welcomed move since this would indirectly give the band more time to further promote the Radja Malaikat Cinta concert.

“The original show date might be troublesome and a deterrent for our fans to come and catch the concert. So, we didn’t have any issues at all with the organisers’ decision to change the concert date.”

“We see a silver lining in the change since Radja now has more time to promote the concert. After 12 years of not performing in a big scale concert here in Malaysia, we certainly want this upcoming show to be a very memorable one for all,” he said.

The Radja Malaikat Cinta concert will be held in conjunction with the band’s latest single, Malaikat Cinta, released in Jakarta on March 19.

Radja is expected to perform 15 songs during the concert, including Jujur, Benci Bilang Cinta, Takkan Melupakanmu and Tulus.

The group, which recently formed its own music label Istana Musik, had last performed in a major concert here in 2006.

“We’d like to take this golden opportunity to present Malaikat Cinta for the first time to our Malaysian fans. What’s even more special is that there’ll be a surprise during the concert since this is Radja’s 17th anniversary in the music scene.”

“We’ve performed here before in 2010 but had shared the stage with other artistes. Thankfully, after 12 years we are now able to have our very own concert. We promise the best,” he said.

Tickets for the concert, organised by Belbis Sdn Bhd and AV Group & Symphony Music, are going for RM85 and RM285. Visit www.airasiaredtix.com

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