Name: Davina Goh

Age: 34

Weight: 51kg

Height: 5’5”(165cm)

Occupation: Performer and plant-based lifestyle advocate

Goh likes to keep her exercise routine flexible.


1.What is your weekly exercise routine?
I like to keep my routine flexible and rotate between swimming, running, hiking, yoga and gym. Occasionally, there are other activities thrown into the mix, like rock climbing and badminton.


2. What is your fitness aim?
To show that when done with mindfulness and discretion, a plant-based diet can not only look after your physical and mental well-being but it can also bring out your most capable self in fitness.


3. Are you a gym junkie or outdoor exerciser?
I’d choose a jungle over a treadmill and the ocean over a pool. I love how unpredictable the outdoors can be. I love that kind of challenge. However, I find the gym important in targeting muscle groups.


4. What is the most drastic thing you’ve done when it comes to exercise?
In 2013, I quit my corporate job, packed my bags and studied Shaolin kung fu for eight months. Living as a martial arts student was one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I’ve ever done. I have come out of it with a lot of wisdom.

5. What is your typical breakfast?
A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and a glass of wheatgrass juice followed by a bowl of overnight oats with nuts and dried fruit. Starting my day with a clean, wholesome meal sets the mood for a happy, productive day.


6. How do you prevent injury?
Stretch! A lot of people forget to do that after exercising. Even I have forgotten sometimes, and have suffered as a result. I have a roller at home, which aids in deep tissue massage and that helps prevent injury too. When I feel that any body part doesn’t feel right while I am exercising, I stop immediately and take a break.


7. What is your advice to get people to exercise?
Find an activity that excites you. I have a filmmaker friend who is not into fitness but loves skateboarding. My husband is so enthusiastic about tai chi that he wakes up at 6am almost every single day to join his group at the park. A hobby that keeps you physically moving is a great hobby to have.


8.What’s your favourite source of protein?
I love tempeh because it’s so easy to find here in Malaysia. It’s cheap, versatile and also one of the highest sources of unprocessed plant-based protein. I love how much diversity there is when it comes to plant-based protein. It’s practically in everything, even bananas!


9.Are you pro- or anti-carbohydrate?
Pro, all the way! As a plant-based lifestyle advocate, I strongly believe that long as you are eating right, there is never a need to fear carbs. I’m at my leanest in my life, while eating the most carbs in my life. I eat loads of whole grains, legumes, potatoes and fruit to keep me energised throughout the day.


10. What’s the one thing exercise has taught you?
Discipline and self-respect. It also teaches me to stay in the moment. It can be very therapeutic.


11. What’s your favourite workout memory?
One day at kung fu school, my classmates and I were being completely “destroyed” by our sifu who was giving us very tough exercises to accomplish. Right after we finished and were waiting further instructions, the sifu, who was still learning to speak basic English, confidently declared, “Ten basketball!”

We all looked at each other bewildered. Realising his mistake, the sifu put his palm to his forehead and tried again: “Ten PUSHUP!” We exploded in laughter.


12. Do you listen to music while exercising?
I used to but now not so much. I feel that it lures me away from the present moment. When I go for a run with my earphones on and head to the park, I end up taking the earphones out because I find the song of insects and birds and the laughter of children to be much more inspiring.

Goh is a martial arts exponent. Picture credit: Davina Goh.


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