Cosway’s skincare products on display in the company’s first experience centre. Picture by Nurul Shafina Jemenon.

In a bid to reach out to millennials, Cosway Group is rebranding itself.

THEY have different experiences and knowledge, but both share a common goal — to bring the company to new heights.

Newly appointed to their respective positions, Cosway Group chief executive officer Liang Sook Sook and executive director Alice Lee believe the plan can be achieved through teamwork.

Appointed to the post in January last year, Liang is in charge of the network marketing company’s businesses in Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“My role is to put the right people in their right positions to ensure they work together. It is also important that the team enjoys working with me and believes in me.

“I’m open-minded and my team can tell me if I am wrong. I will listen to the members’ suggestions because they are for the good of the company. I don’t believe that everybody must listen to the boss.”

As the first woman to head the company, Liang says she does not think her responsibilities are any different from her male peers.

“I have to ensure the company continues to be profitable. But I do put pressure on myself because I want to succeed in my role.”

Liang, who has been with the company for 12 years, says that as the company is sales-oriented, she is also responsible for ensuring distributors and sales leaders earn a profit.

“We want them to be profitable so that they continue promoting our products. We also want consumers to be happy with the products.”

Since last year, Cosway has embarked on its rebranding and repositioning exercise, which focuses on reaching out to younger consumers through increasing its presence on social media.

As consumers’ habits, especially for the younger generation, have changed to online purchases, the company must be more aggressive on various social media platforms including WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, says Liang.

Cosway chief executive officer Liang Sook Sook (left) with executive director Alice Lee.


New to the company and with a healthcare background, Lee has to synergise her thinking, including planning with the others.

Lee has a doctorate in haematology (haematopoeitic stem cell transplantation). She is the founder of a wellness clinic of advanced personalised health based on life sciences approach.

“My point of view is always scientific so it is an eye-opener as I learnt more about the business. I had a lot of help especially from Liang who is a great mentor.

“Both of us believe that as long as we work together and set the target, we can meet the company’s aspirations and goals.”

Lee says through the rebranding, there is a different dynamic to Cosway, making it more appealing to the younger demographic. After 38 years in the country, she believes it is time for Cosway to venture into new consumer groups.

“Cosway has long been associated with middle-aged people. Now is the time to change and approachmillennials too. That is why the rebranding is important.”

However, Lee says that it does not mean that Cosway is forgetting the middle-aged consumers who have been loyal to the products.

“We have products for everyone. We want new consumers but continue to focus on the current market segment.”

Among her first tasks is to set up Cosway’s experience centre in Berjaya Times Square, aimed at providing customers a refreshing new retail shopping experience.

The centre emphasise services tailored to the needs of the individual customer

“We don’t believe in the concept of one size fits all. We believe in personalised care. At this centre, we have high technology diagnostic machine as well as a certified nutritionist and beautician You experience all of Cosway’s products.”

The RM1.5 million experience centre showcases Cosway’s extensive range of products - health and wellness, home care and living, beauty, food and beverage, and kitchen - in eight lifestyle-themed zones.

The zones are equipped with interactive guides, demonstration units and diagnosis machines to provide information on the benefits of the products. The centre also serves as an online purchase collection point.

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