Curel, a popular brand from Japan, is addressing the root causes of dry and sensitive skin.

FOR those with sensitive skin, finding the right skincare is crucial.

You don’t know which product or what ingredient in a product may trigger a reaction so choosing a skincare solution calls for caution.

Sensitive skin is a state of hyper-reactivity where the skin lacks sufficient ceramide, resulting in skin problems and symptoms of discomfort such as roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness.

The Kao Global Benchmark survey 2011-2014 has revealed that dry and sensitive skin troubles among Malaysians has increased significantly.


Many factors are causing this, including prolonged exposure to UV rays, bad weather conditions such as pollution and the use of unsuitable products.

Skin affected by these external irritants results in problems such as tautness, redness, itchiness, allergies and peeling skin prone to itching and redness. 

For people with sensitive skin, it’s important to use moisturising skincare products that protect and replenish the function of ceramide.

Curel, Japan’s number one skincare brand for sensitive Asian skin, is now available in Malaysia. The brand, under the Kao range, targets many of the problems that people with sensitive skin suffer from on a daily basis and it addresses the problem at its root.

The range contains a ceramide-functioning ingredient which has been shown to be hydrating, penetrating and moisture retaining for the skin.

It not only helps improve low barrier conditions on the skin surface but also targets the problem from within.

Curel products are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, fragrance and colurants.

Most times, people with sensitive skin tend to invest in specialised products for the face but they ignore the rest of the body, explains Masahiko Takeshima, Curel’s brand manager from Kao Japan.

He says it’s crucial to address all parts of the body with a similar approach if one has sensitive skin and that is the reason Curel offers solutions for the scalp and body as well besides the face.

“If one has sensitive skin, it means skin all over the body reacts in the same manner so as long as it is skin, it needs to be cared for. The approach has to be comprehensive,” he says.

 Curel’s range includes cleansers that cleanse while preserving skin’s natural ceramide and moisture, make-up removers, lip care creams, moisturisers and body washes and body creams.



Takeshima says sensitive skin calls for a comprehensive approach.

Takeshima says one of the common mistakes people with sensitive skin tend to make is to over-wash or over-cleanse.

This is particularly evident in tropical climates such as Thailand or Malaysia because people feel sticky and uncomfortable whenever they go out.

“We initially assumed that people living in hot weather countries would have less problems with sensitive skin but our research has shown that because they tend to cleanse and shower more often, it aggravates the condition.’”

He adds that one of their key focuses was to not only address the issues of sensitive skin, particularly among Asians, but also to create a skincare range that would be affordable and accessible to those suffering from the condition.

This is given the fact that many solutions for sensitive skin in the beauty market tend to be highly priced and out of reach for many people.

“But keep in mind that affordable does not mean less effective. We ensure that the products deliver what they promise.”

The commonest cause of sensitive skin syndrome is an underlying eczema/dermatitis, says Professor Goh Chee Leok, senior consultant dermatologist at the National Skin Centre Singapore.

Speaking on the subject of sensitive skin during the launch of Curel, Dr Goh says people with eczema/ dermatitis and other skin conditions have defective skin barrier functions.

“If you want to prevent your child from developing atopic dermatitis, start moisturising from birth. Moisturising from an early age is important because your skin barrier is being repaired all the time.”’

Avoid soaps and use mild, non-detergent cleansers and always be mindful of what products you are using.

Dr Goh says fragrances used in skincare are a main source of allergic reactions.

In people with sensitive skin, any product or any particular ingredient in a product can trigger a reaction so they need to be cautious when choosing skincare.

Dr Goh says fragrances used in skincare are a very common cause of allergic reactions so they need to choose fragrance-free products.

Curel products are hypoallergenic, fragrance and colourant-free, alcohol free and pH balanced. They are available at selected Watson’s stores. Prices range from RM42.40 to RM111.30 with GST.



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