Lavender cheesecake
Freshly picked Gerberas
Beautiful red begonia flowers
A closer look of the lavender flowers
The spread of lavender flowers from Hokkaido

Laveda Charles is smitten by the beautifully scented lavender plants and various by-products

IT’S a pleasant day and I am waiting to visit the Cameron Lavender garden in Cameron Highlands. I have a special fondness for lavender not only because of its small purplish flowers but because it also rhymes with my name.

I message my best friend about this garden and she replies: “Wow, Laveda with the Lavenders”. I love how the two names sound and I am eager to take a selfie surrounded by these flowers.

It’s so cool that everything in Camerons is in close proximity wherever you are. Hotel De La Ferns, where I’m staying for instance, is just a 15-minute drive to Tringkap where the purple-themed Cameron Lavender is located.

As it is low-peak season, there is ample parking. Don’t be deceived by its small outward appearance as there are quite a number of things you can do here. As you enter, you will be welcomed by a spread of these purple-scented blooms that originate from Hokkaido (Japan) and Taiwan.

Other flowers planted in an escalating form include red begonia.

I find dainty props where visitors can pose for photographs and on the left (which I totally missed), an ice-cream parlour selling both lavender and strawberry soft serves.

Up the slope is another small garden filled with gerberas of different shades and colours. Here you can pick the flowers for RM2 per stalk, which is reasonably-priced.

There is even a strawberry farm, which only open during the weekends for visitors to pick the fruits. On weekdays, packs of strawberries are sold.

On the same level, there are beautiful 3D mural art pieces which make you want to strike another pose. After picking some flowers, I head over to the cafe overlooking roads and mountains and order a pot of (what else) lavender tea and a piece of lavender cheese cake.

Descending a slope, I come across some souvenir shops.

One, in particular, catches my eye. This purple-coloured shop sells only lavender-based products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, oils, incense, among other things.

There is even a shop that sells strawberry-based products and souvenirs.

There are benches near the exit, where you can sit next to the lavender flowers while taking pictures of yourself.


Cameron Lavender

Tringkap, Cameron Highlands


Tel: 05-4961 208

Hours: 9am-6pm (Mon-Thurs) and 9am-7pm (Fri-Sun)

Pay: RM8 adult, RM5 children

Pictures by Laveda Charles

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