With 15 rooms showcasing Peranakan, Chinese, Dutch, British and Portuguese influences, Timez Modern Heritage Hotel in Melaka stands proudly in the heart of historical Jonker Walk, writes Zalina Mohd Som

THE Waze app leads us through a jam-packed, narrow road that ends in front of a makeshift noentry bar. It doesn’t matter where we divert, we are stopped by a noentry bar - each time.

Now, where is this hotel? Why does the app keep taking us to a dead-end? Why are all these roads closed?

I am losing my patience by the minute. We’ve been driving around this area for almost an hour. Frustration makes me forget the smooth two-hour drive from KL in my new Proton Persona 1.6 Premium.

“Why don’t we just park here?,” suggests my friend, Liza.

“Can. But we don’t know where exactly the hotel is and is it safe to leave the car here overnight?” I reply.

“Ok, ok. Let’s just stop here for a while Take a long deep breath and then we continue,” she says.

I do as I’m told. “Hey. I know, I know. It’s the Jonker Walk night market. We’ve been looking for the wrong hotel. Remember Vivian’s message?” I exclaim all in one breath.

“If you’re driving, please note that there are no parking bays at the hotel. The nearest public car park is opposite Casa del Rio Hotel, just a few minutes’ walk to Timez,” I read the email Vivian had sent two days ago.

Casa del Rio Hotel is then punched on the app. And 10 minutes later, we are at the lobby of Timez Modern Heritage Hotel on Jalan Hang Kasturi, waiting to check in.


The lobby is simple and modern. There’s nothing much here - a simple white check-in counter, colourful stools on one side and a wall of mirrors and colourful dress watches.

Next to the counter is a door leading to SuperRabbit Cafe where we will have our pre-ordered breakfast set. The cafe is another display of clean modern space.

Going up to our Dutch Square room, we have choice of climbing the stairs or taking the elevator. Yes, this 15-room boutique hotel has an elevator. Though a small one, this elevator is a relief after a long day in the historic city of Melaka.

Anticipation is running high. We have yet to see the heritage part of the hotel, if we discount the fact that the hotel is in the heart of historic Chinatown, home to the popular Jonker Walk.

The door to our room opens to a minimalist room - bare walls, floor and ceiling. The star of the room is the headboard of the queen bed.

There’s a red structure that is easily recognised as the famous Stadthuys Building against a bare brick wall. A red beam runs across the bare ceiling. Ahh. this is the heritage part of my room.

Now, I wonder how the other rooms look like. I was told that each room has its own design and theme.

Everything in my room has a purpose. None is put there for aesthetic value. There’s a small study desk, a two-seater lounge chair, a pair of side tables and a long TV console that also holds a Nespresso Coffee machine (this gets two thumbs-up from me!).

I like how the beam and an adjoining pillar divide the room into smaller “compartments”. It is like a house with rooms but a smaller version.

The bathroom too wins my heart. I had expected to walk into a basic bathroom but no, it’s tastefully done with glossy tiles, superb lighting and toiletries.


What is a stay in Jonker Walk if we fail to walk the length of this popular night market? Say whatever you like about it - that it is too packed and filled with cheap, Chinamade products - but I still find Jonker Walk the place to be if you’re in Melaka.

And luckily for us, we are just steps away from the main street of Jonker Walk so we come and go as we like from the hotel. Each time, we return to the hotel with a shopping bag or two. You know, just like when we were kids. We go out to play, then run home when we’re hungry and tired, only to go out again.

And during these jaunts, I realise Timez Modern Heritage Hotel stands tall amidst the low-rise rustic-looking pre-war buildings of the older Melaka.



No. 31, Jalan Hang Kasturi Jonker Street Melaka

TEL 06-281 2109

FAX 06-281 7509

EMAIL info@timezhotel.com

WEBSITE www.timezhotel.com

STAY 15 rooms and suites individually designed with a modern heritage concept. Each carries the culture elements that Melaka is known for: Peranakan, Chinese, Dutch, British and Portuguese. Each room comes with a Nespresso coffee machine.

EAT The one and only F&B outlet - SuperRabbit Cafe - is where the pre-ordered breakfast is served. The chic outlet also offers an a la carte menu all day which makes it ideal for guests who are too lazy to look for food at nearby Jonker Street.

DO There’s no in-house activity.

GO Put on your best walking shoes and go out. The hotel is located just off the main street of famous Jonker Walk. Go further to the beginning of the walk, and there’s Hard Rock Cafe located just opposite the Stadthuys Building.

HIGHS The expensive look and feel of its white building that towers above rustic shophouses. A lot of thought has been given to its modern heritage theme.

LOWS No parking. You don’t have the comfort of knowing your car is parked at the hotel’s secured carpark. There are a lot of public car parks in and around Jonker Walk but the nearest is the one opposite Casa del Rio Hotel.

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