The sight of beggars knocking on windows of cars for money at traffic lights in Jalan Kuala Krai, Kota Baru, has irked Zaki Ismail, 35.

He said while he pitied the beggars, some walking on crutches, their presence endangered the lives of motorists and the beggars.

“They wait by the roadside and, as the light turns red, they would approach the cars and knock on the windows.

“As the light turns green, they would move to the side, waiting to pounce at the next red light,” he said.

“However, sometimes, the disabled ones would not be able to move fast and this forces motorists to brake hard. I have experienced this many times and I am lucky that I have not hit anyone.”


Kelantan welfare deputy director Rosmi Mahmood said the department was aware of the beggars’ presence.

“We have rounded them up but some will return,” he said.

“We are checking if these people have received aid from the government and if they are on the list, they should not be on the streets begging.

“The public should not encourage them. Don’t give them money and they will stay away,” he said.

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