PROPERTY ownership doesn’t come easy. A lot of focus is needed when looking at properties before one can make a wise investment decision.

One of the hardest decisions to make in the real estate business, especially among first-time buyers, is deciding what kind of properties you want, and why.

You may find something you love in each type of properties, be it a single-storey terraced house, a bungalow or an apartment. But being a jack of all trades and a master of none isn’t going to be of any help if you buy for investment purposes.

If you have some experience in buying properties, stick to what you know best. If it is the first investment, get a reliable property agent or consultant.

Sunsuria Bhd senior director of sales and marketing, Simon Kwan said there were are several investment criteria for first-time buyers.

They include:

1. Small unit with practical layout (Modern and practical design)

2. Value-added features, such as smart technology or green features

3. High investment return product

4. Amenities to suit lifestyle and encourage social interaction

5. Low maintenance and time-savings

6. Cost-savings (maintenance charges)

7. Low entry point (low downpayment)

He told NST Property that the company’s Sunsuria City township in Salak Tinggi, Kuala Lumpur, would have terraced homes, townhouses and small office/home office units built according to these criteria to encourage house ownership.

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