Firemen used a high-powered water jet to subdue the man armed with a parang to enable policemen to arrest the man. Pix courtesy of Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department.

KUCHING: A man, armed with a parang in each hand, sparked terror when he ran amok at Lorong 2 in Jalan Datuk Haji Hamdan, here this afternoon.

Residents had alerted the police upon seeing the man in their housing area.

A police team responded to the call and managed to locate the man. However, despite attempts to persuade the man to surrender, the man refused.

Police then roped in firemen from the Batu Lintang Fire and Rescue Station, who arrived at the scene about 3pm.

State Fire and Rescue Department operation assistant director, Tiong Ling Hii, said firemen used a high-powered water jet to subdue the man, giving an opportunity for policemen to move in and overpower him.

A police spokesman confirmed the case but declined to elaborate.

At press time, no further information is available on the man and the motive behind his act.

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