Stray dogs bark at people and rummage through rubbish bins in the area. FILE PIC

Stray dogs that roam around Bandar Putra Kulai and rummage through rubbish bins have a resident fearing for his safety.

Muhammad Amin Razak, 55, said the number of dogs near his home in Jalan Nuri 27 seemed to be increasing.

“The problem persists even after the Kulai Municipal Council sent dog catchers here,” he said, adding that he had seen the dog catchers making their rounds in the housing area.

“The stray dogs sensed the dog catchers and fled.

“They pose a danger to pedestrians because stray dogs can be unpredictable.

“They may appear harmless at first, but they may turn aggressive when they feel threatened.”

He said the stray dogs barked at schoolchildren. 

“The children were fine as they outnumbered the dogs.

“Some of the dogs look for food in rubbish bins outside our homes.”

He said a dog had entered the compound of an elderly neighbour.

“She is old, so she got scared. Luckily, her front grille was locked and the dog left when she banged the grille door with a broom.”


Kulai Municipal Council public relations officer Mohd Halim Ridhauddin said the problem of stray dogs in Bandar Putra Kulai was prevalent despite having sent dog catchers to the area.

“The stray dogs are not easy to catch. They can smell a dog catcher from miles away, so they flee.”

Halim said the dog catchers patrolled daily and this had prevented the animals from rummaging through rubbish bins.

“The problem is made worse when dog owners let their pets wander outside the house.”

He said pets might not be hostile to the public, but when they were a part of a pack of stray dogs, it might attract more dogs to the area.

Halim said dog owners who let their pet wander without a leash could be slapped with a RM250 fine under the municipality’s by-laws.

“Regardless of whether your pets have been neutered or spayed, don’t let them wander on their own without a leash.”

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