Residents claim people started throwing their rubbish at the site a few months ago. Picture by NurShahnaz Fazlie

An illegal dumpsite near Taman Kelissa Emas in Seberang Jaya, Penang has become the bane of residents after stray dogs started scavenging at the site for food.

Residents claimed the illegal dumpsite starting forming a few months ago when irresponsible people started throwing their rubbish there.

R. Anil Muthu, 34, said the area was now a draw for stray dogs.

“It is dangerous as most of our children use this road to cycle to their schools.

“Sometimes, the dogs chase after the children, pedestrians and motorcyclists,” he added.

Shopping mall worker, K. Kumuthavalli, 27, said she also faced problems getting from her house to her workplace as she had to cross the dumpsite daily.

“Luckily, I have not encountered the strays but there is a very foul stench,” she said.


A Seberang Perai Municipal Council Urban Services Department spokesman said it would clean up the area.

“We will also put up signboards in the area, warning residents against the dumping of rubbish there, as well as assign an officer to monitor the area,” the spokesman said.

The site had been cleaned up before, the spokesman added, but rubbish was again dumped illegally in the area.

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