I use public transport regularly. As my office is about 12km from my house, taking public transport to the office is convenient.

Every day, I would ride on the light rail transit and switch to a RapidKL bus to get to my office.

Being on the bus for 30 minutes can be boring. The only entertainment is from the two television screens dedicated to advertisements.

Left with no choice, passengers watch the advertisements and, surprisingly, they are pretty entertaining.

However, the setback is that very few advertisements are aired and they are shown repeatedly.

It gets excruciatingly boring being fed the same advertisements, every single day.

Some of the passengers have even memorised the dialogues of the commercials!

I urge advertisers to air more commercials on these digital screens.

This is a great platform to reach the masses.

Bear in mind that millions of people use public transport every day. By advertising on these modes of transport, advertisers can engage millions of people daily.


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