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The parts.
Stunts you can do with the Hot Wheels Track Builder.
The Hot Wheels Track Builder.

IF you or your kids are a fan of Hot Wheels cars and tracks, you should check out Mattel’s latest offering, the Track Builder Construction Crash Kit. The new package not only offers players cars and tracks, but also bricks to add on to the tracks.

So how does it look like when the Hot Wheels tracks are combined with brick pieces?


Hot Wheels, a racing car toy model and tracks by Mattel, has been providing fans with tracks to enable them to play Hot Wheels cars like they are on a real race track. However, some fans probably want more than just simple tracks that they can assemble in minutes.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder is designed to give players added excitement and challenge when putting together the tracks. There are more than 40 pieces, including the blocks (Mega Blocks) to be assembled before you can start playing.

What’s nice about this Hot Wheels kit is that it allows you to build not just one track design, but four. They are the Loop ‘n Tower Smash, Tower Target, Crash Zone and Laneway Smash.

I took close to an hour to complete the Loop ‘n Tower Smash tracks .

The mega blocks have an advantage as it allows flexibility in making the tracks. It also fosters creativity and experimentation among kids. They can re-configure and customise the bricks and the provided Track Pivot Points for endless configurations and crashing action.


With 40 plus pieces, the Hot Wheels Track Builder is not difficult to assemble, but it can be challenging at times.

This must be done carefully. What I did was put the same parts together first so that they can easily be identified when assembling the track. The provided Builder’s Guide is handy for the assembling process.

During the track assembling process, one needs to ensure that all the parts are snapped into the corresponding areas or holes so that the track or the track structure will not break apart.

If you’re curious why some of the Mega Blocks parts feel flimsy or not really secure when placed together, they are designed to be such as the Hot Wheels car should hit them and break apart, similar to a stunt act.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder box is more that just a box. It comes with eight colourful Hot Wheels cardboard panels which you can use to build more cool stunt structures.

If you are short on ideas on what to build, check out


Once the track is ready, just place the provided Hot Wheels car at the beginning of the track and “hammer” the lever with your hand. This is to make your car go as fast as possible so that it can break the flimsy Mega Block barriers, similar to a stunt action in a movie.

The set is priced at RM149.90.

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