MCA Public Services and Public Complaints bureau head, Datuk Jason Teoh (second from left) with the management of the Apex Cosmeceutical Clinic Kulai showing photos and police reports about a 22-year-old customer who has not settled more than RM100,000 worth of treatment bills. NSTP Pic

JOHOR BARU: A beauty clinic in Kulai has taken the drastic step of lodging a police report against one of its customers who had failed to settle a bill of more than RM100,000.

The customer, a 22-year-old man, had in February visited the clinic for botox injections, specialist skin treatment and slimming procedures, among others.

The clinic was left with little choice but to lodge the report following three bounced checks and failed online banking transactions from the man.

MCA Public Complaints and Services Bureau head, Datuk Jason Teoh said he was told that the man has yet to pay up despite signing an agreement to do so two months ago.

Teoh said that the man, who allegedly works in the oil and gas industry, had contacted him earlier this year for help when the latter faced problems with settling his huge bill.

"I heard his explanation and I asked him to see me so that I could arrange a meeting with the clinic management.

"He did not attend the first meeting that I arranged. He attended the second meeting. He eventually agreed to sign a written agreement to settle his debt in the third meeting," said Teoh.

On Aug 25 this year, Teoh arranged for the man to meet with one of the clinic's managers.

The clinic agreed to reduce Lim's bill to RM60,000.

"The man agreed to settle the sum in 10 instalments," said Teoh.

However, trouble soon brewed when the clinic found that they couldn't cash the man's cheque.

Meanwhile, Apex Cosmeceutical marketing and public relations manager, Bun Shiow Yong, said the man first became a customer two years ago.

"Back then, we had no problems with him. After not coming to the clinic for two years, he appeared again in February this year and underwent packages that included seven specialist facial treatments costing more than RM15,000."

Bun said the man eventually accumulated a bill of RM105,467.50 which he claimed he had paid through online banking services and by using cheques.

She said a cheque issued by the man on June 14 this year could not be endorsed by the bank as the issuer's account had no money in it.

She said the clinic lodged police reports on April 4, July 6 and Sept 25 this year after several attempts to resolve the payment issues proved futile.

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