A CCTV recording from the gambling den showing a man raping the cashier on duty while another man is nearby (right).

TWO men walked casually into a gambling den that was operating in broad daylight.

They took their time at the outlet, displaying no sense of urgency, and then took what they came for.

Before they left, the men took turns to rape the female cashier on duty.

Cameras installed in the premises in Kinrara, Puchong, caught them in the act.

Their faces were clear in the high-definition recording.

One of them had his crash helmet on, while the other didn’t bother to hide his face.

The New Straits Times called the district police headquarters in question after receiving a copy of the clip last night.

An officer in the department concerned, however, told this newspaper that no report on such a case had been lodged.

There was also nothing on the alleged rape that had taken place on Thursday, according to the district police chief.

The NST then sent him an image of the two men believed to have been taken as they were about to be brought into custody.

The image was sent to the NST together with the clip.

It showed the duo in handcuffs, about to enter a car.

They were with two men, believed to be policemen.

The second WhatsApp message sent to the officer, however, went unanswered.

The 244-second clip showed one of the men going around the gambling den, while the other raped the cashier.

They then switched roles.

Just before press time, the NST got through to the Selangor Criminal Investigation chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Fadzil Ahmat, who is abroad, to shed light on the case as nothing on it had been released to the media.

Fadzil said he would check on the case with his officers in the state.

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