Staff of Snakes and Reptile Park in Sungai Batu Pahat relocating the snakes following the flood in Perlis. Pic courtesy of MOHD HAFIZ ALIAS.

KANGAR: As Perlis floods, it is not only man who needs to seek shelter on higher grounds, but the animals too.

At the Snakes and Reptile Park in Sungai Batu Pahat here, the park employees were on hand to help move more than 20 snakes of various species.

One of the park’s workers, Mohd Hafiz Alias, 27, said the park was inundated by floodwaters between 0.5 and 1.2m deep. Floodwaters were also slowly seeping into some of the reptiles’ cages.

“This is not the first time that we had to move the snakes to higher grounds due to flooding. The last time we did it was two years ago,” he said when contacted.

He said the rescue operation was carried out from 9am until 12 noon today and some of the snakes that they had to move included a python and a king cobra.

Pictures of Hafiz and his five friends moving some of the snakes were widely circulated on social media today after he shared them on his Facebook account, Hafiz Kingsnake.

The photos and a video uploaded about three hours ago have been shared more than 200 times.

Hafiz said although they are familiar with the snakes, they needed to be extra careful when handling the reptiles to prevent any untoward incident.

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